With today’s world of social media, and search engines it can be difficult to decide which marketing and advertising efforts are best for your business. Organic search or paid search? Facebook or Twitter? Print or TV? Allow our experienced and knowlegable team at Marketran to help. We can develop a strategic marketing and advertising plan

It was only two years ago that Facebook acquired Instagram for a then shocking $1 billion. This deal represents one of the biggest acquisitions in recent mobile tech history. The announcement for Facebook to acquire WhatsApp for $16 billion came as a surprise to many, including industry journalists. A shock wave was sent through the

Google has celebrated Valentine’s Day with yet another romantic interactive doodle. This special doodle for Valentine’s Day on the homepage includes an assortment of candy hearts marked with a word or phrase. The interactive doodle begins with a short message from the search engine. Each candy heart offers a choice of hearty messages. Selecting one of

Marc Jacobs celebrated the opening of his Daisy fragrance pop-up store in Manhattan today, but this isn’t your ordinary retail location. No money will be exchanged, instead you can leave the store with products in exchange for sending tweets, Instagram photos and Facebook posts. According to Mashable, this new retail location, called the Daisy Marc

Many businesses have developed a strong presence on Facebook. They have a nicely branded business page, they have ‘Likes’ and have regular engagement with their fans. But, what now? Say you are a restaurant owner, or a store owner and you’re looking for new ways to gain fans while they are visiting your business. We

Why Website Design Matters

Friday, 24 January 2014 by

Does your business have an up-to-date website design? Is your current website design delivering results? These are important questions to ask yourself as a businesses owner. By ensuring that your website design is up-to-date and designed with your customers in mind, you are giving your business a solid online presence. In today’s world, people turn to

Is your business looking for new and creative ways to reach your customers? Social media is a great way to connect with both current customers as well as new customers. Social media has become an integrated part of our daily lives and businesses are finding new and unique ways to use it every day.  

It has been announced that one of Facebook’s most controversial features will be shut down. The company confirmed that “Sponsored Stories” ads will be shut down on April 9. These ads show how your Facebook friends interact with a sponsored page, app or event. Actions such as “liking” a company or checking into a business

As today’s audience continues to expand its web presence, businesses must adapt their advertising to include web. Mobile and social advertising have offered businesses a way to catch the attention of their customers through a variety of online platforms. According to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, companies nearly tripled the amount of money spent on mobile advertising

Are you looking to enhance your businesses’ marketing campaign strategy next year? As the new year approaches, now is the time to plan for 2014, while evaluating 2013. Did you have a marketing campaign strategy? Were your marketing efforts effective? Did you see the results you were looking for? Businesses are having to evolve as the