Public relations is a great tool that can be utilized by a business of any size. Our team at Marketran can help you gain exposure to your target audience and increase brand awareness through targeted public relations services. A strong public relations campaign can gain your business the attention of your target audience. Public relations

You may have noticed a new tool appear on your Facebook page. The recently launched ‘2013 Year in Review’ tool allows for users to post a status including their 20 biggest moments from the past year, including most popular photos, status updates, and life events.   As social media continues to become integrated into our

Online spending is a trend that many businesses have been keeping an eye on over the years, especially during the holiday season.   In 2013, Mashable reports that Black Friday Online spending hit $1.2 Billion, a new record. That is an increase of 15% over the previous record. An increase was also seen in the

The media is abuzz with Black Friday news as it quickly approaches and retailers are revving up their Black Friday marketing and advertising efforts to get the most out of this massive shopping holiday. Some retailers are taking a unique approach to the shopping day with advertising that we have not seen in previous years.

Everyone is looking for results when it comes to developing marketing strategies for their business. Consumers want products and services that meet their needs. Businesses want compelling marketing communications that reach the right people. Finally, the marketing agency wants to make those things happen for your business.   Our goal at Marketran is to help you

A recent study shows that a vast majority (65%) of Americans who use social media for news get that news from one social network and Facebook is at the top of that list. According to Mashable, the study shows that very few Americans use blog social networks like LinkedIn, Pinterest or Google+ to get their

As communication methods continue to evolve, today’s audience requires a different approach to be effectively reached. As a result, businesses are required to adapt their business marketing strategy in order to communicate with their audience. An effective business marketing strategy should include a variety of methods including traditional advertising, internet marketing, and public relations.   A

Facebook is a great tool as it provides the opportunity for businesses to gain interest from customers while connecting and interacting. If your business has adopted Facebook as part of its social media marketing plan, but are looking forward to next steps, take a look into Facebook ads. Perhaps your goal is to continue to

SEO is a term that many business owners hear, but may not fully know what it means and how it applies to their business. Search Engine Optimization is key for driving traffic to your website through search engines and as the internet continues to evolve, so must the SEO strategies for your business. Where do you

In today’s digital world your business is likely present on many different platforms; your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google +, just to name a few. Being present on these various platforms is important for providing your business with exposure to target audiences, but is your branding consistent across all of these platforms? Has your business