Google Looking to Offer Kid Friendly Versions of Products

by / Friday, 05 December 2014 / Published in Tech

It’s been recently reported on Mashable that Google is looking to offer kid friendly versions of products. Although, Google hasn’t identified which products they are looking to makeover for kids, it is likely that Google will target versions of products such as YouTube, Chrome and Search, which have broad appeal. It’s said that Google plans to start creating kid-friendly versions as soon as next year.

It is said that a kid-friendly version of YouTube that is optimized for kids 12 and younger may be on its way. Google says that they are focusing on providing products that are fun and safe for children. This includes a need for more advanced filtering systems and privacy controls allowing children to browse the internet safely.

As tech becomes more and more integrated into our daily lives, it is understandable that companies such as Google are searching for new ways to accommodate their tiniest of users with products designed just for them. What are your thoughts on companies such as Google placing focus on kid-friendly versions of their products? Do you think that Google looking to offer kid friendly versions of products is a positive way to provide children with safe versions of the products?