Marketing to Millennials

by / Tuesday, 04 November 2014 / Published in Advertising, Lifestyle, Tech

As the holiday season begins, businesses are ramping up their marketing efforts. One major topic that continues to be of focus for marketers is the challenge of marketing to millennials. Millennials are a highly complex group, depending on who you talk to, consisting of those born from the mid 1980′s to the early 2000′s. They are tech-savy, educated, and diverse.

When it comes to marketing to millennials, it is important to know what makes them unique. For starters, according to a recent article from Marketing Land, millennials spend about 14 % more time on their mobile devices than other generations. They are also using mobile devices and new ways that many traditional marketing methods don’t yet tap into, such as ‘show rooming’ (using devises while shopping).

Within the segment of millennials, are millennial parents, which require their own specific targeting. Millennial parents don’t have the same needs or priorities as other millennials, nor should they be cast into the general “parents” category. Millennial parents have become a demographic themselves and a select few brands have began to recognize this, such a Stride Rite.

What does all of this mean for successful marketing to millennials? It means that the path which millennials take to complete a purchase is far more complex. This path includes their engagement on social sites and how they consume media and shop, creating a unique challenge for the marketers trying to reach them.