New Deal Between Twitter and Google

by / Thursday, 05 February 2015 / Published in Latest posts, Social Media, Tech

Twitter logoTwitter users take heed, your Tweets will likely be seen by a significantly larger audience than every before. It is reported by Mashable, that a new deal between Twitter and Google has been made which will make tweets from all of Twitters users instantly searchable. This includes all 284 million Twitter users Tweets will be searchable in Google. This deal appears to be yet another way for Twitter to expand reach beyond its own platform.

It is reported that Twitter already has similar deals with Yahoo and Bing. Currently, if you search for a users Twitter handle in Bing, recent Tweets will appear in the search results. What makes this deal unique is that Google accounts for 75% of web search market. What all of this means for deleted tweets is unclear.

These updates may have Twitter users thinking twice before they tweet. There has been no word yet as to when these updates will be rolled out, but we look forward to seeing the effect that this will have for both companies. It will also be interesting to see is this will impact SEO for companies using Twitter.

We want to know, what are your thoughts on this new deal between Twitter and Google?