Social Media Advertising Solutions Continue to Expand

by / Friday, 11 July 2014 / Published in Advertising, Lifestyle, Social Media, Tech

Social media networks are in search for ways to improve the experience of their advertising options for businesses. Facebook continues to evolve their ads, including videos, and Instagram has recently began to show sponsored posts. It is reported that on Monday, a new ‘Buy Now’ button appeared on multiple newsfeed tweets on Twitter.

It appears that shopping through the social media network may not be far off. It is speculated the ‘Buy Now’ button was done as an experiment, which Twitter is known for having done in the past. The button only appears on mobile, and not on the web version. Shoppable Twitter ads certainly seem to be a positive next step for the social media company.

Back in April, a Wall Street Journal report claimed that multiple ad types were on the way for Twitter, including a possible “click-to-call” button. The addition of such buttons would be minimally intrusive to the social media network’s experience and would contribute to additional revenue streams for both Twitter and their brand users.

Lately we are seeing social media networks integrate new forms of advertising to the user experience. Businesses are being presented with new and interesting ways to reach their perspective customers with these social media advertising solutions. What are your thoughts on these changes? Are these new social media advertising solutions something that you look forward to?